Financial Support Levels

  • Pre-Order Discount - $19.99
  • Pre-Order Full - $29.99
  • Open-ended Sponsorship
  • Pizza Tier ($15)*
  • Beer Tier ($7)*
  • Minimum donation accepted $1
* - Donations may not be used specifically for these things.

Pre-order opportunity

Pre-ordering today is merely a donation until a release becomes available in August 2012. This offer expires and will be replaced with a new offer when the demo comes out. The release at that time will not be a fully working game.

For $19.99 you can help Empire in the Sky developers and receive a full license of the final version and a special thank you in the game itself (if you so desire) as a backer. If you are feeling particularly generous, you may pay full price ($29.99) just to support this project. You will receive updates on the project status, including information about any update releases or final version. (Please note: our system is hand-operated currently and it may take as long as 48 hours before you receive your goods. Also, make sure to include a valid email address and check your spam folder if there is no correspondence within the given time frame.)

Pre-order and support options

Sponsorship Opportunity

Sponsors are people who want to fund more than just $29.99 of the project costs, and/or want to fund specific aspects of the project that we have previously discussed, or are interested in participating in some more involved way than one would expect from a pre-order level of support. I leave this form open-ended, and you can write me a message if you have special instructions. Sponsors may be anonymous benefactors (specify so) or can have their name added to the credits at their discretion. Any other arrangements should have already been reached before this step, if deals have been made with the sponsor candidate who wants to see something specific happen. If you haven't made arrangements, but would like to propose some, get in touch with us!

How does pre-ordering help?

Funding is all about the proof in numbers, and the more people who sign up the better our argument is that we have a game that will be a success. Also, the game itself will benefit from added time provided by your money. Your money will help keep people working, and may even go toward additional content purchases to enrich the experience further.