S0: Your Life In Space




A captain's career is centered around traversing the stars and exploring new worlds, but it comes with a variety of hazards that can end even the most illustrious of careers.  Reading this manual will help you to understand the ins-and-outs of commanding a starship.

Know that all starships are monitored and required to perform at certain standards proclaimed by the Galactic Review Board (GRB).  Long-distance remote AI-controlled weapons are used by the Board to disable starships that perform outside acceptible parameters.  The GRB, for instance, maintains certain environmental and safety standards that are necessary to maintain galactic balance.  The GRB, however, adheres to certain privacy policies which forbid it to interfere in cargo transport.  The Galactic Merchant Alliance has imposed certain restrictions on private travel which allow, unfortunately, the transport of contraband throughout the cosmos.  This irks various space police agencies, but is the will of the Federalists who legislate both the GMA and the GRB.

All captains may benefit from reading the GMA and GRB Policy Document to learn more about these restrictions.


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