History of the Earth Species



1940 to 2050 - Earthlings make their first attempts at manned and unmanned space flight.

2022 - New legislation permitting Embryonic Stemcell Therapy as a household remedy extends human life by hundreds of years. The legislation came about due to advancements in synthetic embryonic cells made without inducing contraception.  The enhancement of neural-cognition allows human beings to not only live longer, but also be more productive, happier and reach a level of educated status far exceeding their predecessors.

2050, Valentine's Day - The first global robotic war breaks out, later dubbed the "Copyright Wars", between various corporations and their security contingents, elminating 99% of the world's governments.  Remaining factions regress to despotism.  Most of the Earth is devastated by this war, making large areas of the Earth inhospitable.  The New World Government emerges from the wreckage of this past civilization, instituting a worldwide adherence to NWG law.  The tenants of this legal maneuver insist that the government make decisions scientifically, and are required to maximize safety of its citizenry at the cost of capitalism.  Also, all robots are to be specifically programmed using Asimov's Laws.

2057 and for years hereafter - The NWG renames itself Sol Earth Government (later dropping the "Sol") and begins a radical approach to spacefaring which includes colonization of all available planets in the Sol system.  Bases are estalished on Europa, Ganymede, Triton, Luna, Pluto, Venus and Mercury.  Chloroflourocarbons (CFCs), abundant in Earth's post-war atmosphere, are collected and deployed on Venus to make the planet more hospitable, stabilizing both planets in a process known as Reformative Terravection (RT).

2079 - Advancements in genetic engineering permit human beings to travel their own solar system without fear of being killed by cosmic radiation (cosmic rays).  This greatly increases the willingness of ordinary people to colonize their own solar system.

2155 - With the construction of the first major starbase, deep space research beings to yield results in the field of Hyperspace Travel.  Humans are able to, for the first time, leave their solar system without having to wait thousands of years in cryogenic stasis before arriving at a distant star.  However, an entity known as Obscene Megacorp controls the technology, and refuses to develop it further without first charging an exorbitant licensing fee.

2169 - Perfected Hyperdrive Technology is made available to the general public after an infiltrator in Obscene Megacorp releases schematic diagrams of the first model Hyperdrive.  Earth Government's lead officials dissolve Obscene Megacorp in the process, releasing billions of dollars in funds to the colonists.  Earth enters a "Golden Age" of innovation, improving their starship technology around this new "Hyperdrive"

2171 - The first known contact between the GRB and Earth Government occurs when human explorers activate their Hyperdrive.  Immediately detected by GRB technology, an envoy surrounds the human vessel and initiates communication.  Acting Captain Archibald Kirk, surprised by the encounter, makes quick friends with the GRB after a brief demonstration of their technical sophistication.  The GRB enters into talks with Earth Government to form a new alliance.

2173 - Earth Government is officially added to the GRB's Galactic Alliance, making them the 111,746th species to do so.  In doing so, humanity is permitted to adapt advanced technologies from the Alliance.  Human beings become quasi-transcendant, and at birth are injected with special nanites which record thoughts and experience, protecting the "soul" of an individual. The GRB approved of this technology, an adaptation from an older pre-transcendantal race's early delvings into experiential-DNA reinstatus de novo experimentations.  In July, 2173, one month after the final interspecie initation roundtable, humanity was awarded a massive courtesy shipment of the adapted nanites, with enough for anyone in the Sol System.

2180 - An expedition from Earth discovers secrets about their ancient ancestry and how Earth came to be their homeworld.  A group of transdimensional beings known only as the "precursors" appear remarkably human when their burial chambers are discovered in a distant solar system.  Earth Government creates the Writ of Magnum Carnate, a document which gives permission to "reconquer the galaxy" under EGO 1217-6A.

2222 - Present Day




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