GRB Alliance Order 1.2GT

Legalization of Human Nanites As a Permissible Spacefaring Construct

E.Y. 2173  G.S.Y. 12219

When a human dies, specialized nanites exit the body and, at a molecular level, recombine to form a homing DNA rocket, which seeks the nearest stationside clone dock, reproducing a clone instantly, with all of the memories up until (and sometimes a little after) the point a mortal blow destroys a human's corporeal self. 

During life, human beings are exposed to these ontological-DNA recombinant nanites which "tap" the individual nervous system.  The nanites record and mass produce copies of this experience, such that the survival of only 3 intact nanites insures a triplicate backup of that person's full DNA sequence, and a precisely recorded copy of the person's complete life experience up until the point at which the nanites enter retreival mode.

When collectively the nanites determine that a person's life signs have ceased - that is, when the person is dead - the nanites exit the body.  Nanites also in the presences of less than 100 networked nanites also enter this special mode, where they attempt to return to a nearby station for reconstitution.

Invented to decrease information loss during life threatening events, and to maximize clone use before recycle, the nanites provide new clones with a precise reproduction of the individual's memories up until the point of death, including the pain of death and the experience of dying.  At this point, the nanites coelesce into a long-distance nanite rocket and return to an ontological-DNA repository, where their arrival signals a new clone to be produced, after which an exact duplicate of all information in the nanites is transferred to the new clone.

This Galactic Order renders safeways and safe harbors for such devices.  It is noted that this Order was accompanied by substantial suggestion from the Clone Committee and the CloneCorp Neuromanagement AI Hyperlobby.