GMA and GRB Policy Document



By Galactic Law, GRB and GMA policies must be adhered to by both organizations, all pilots, organizations and civilized entities who are of a spacefaring technical sophistication.  

Formation of the GRB and GMA Orgs

History of the origins of these two groups is vague at best, as both have stringent policies regarding archivists and retrieval of historical records pertinent to the groups, however it is known that the GRB is roughly 10,000 years old, was founded deep in Sector V by a now extinct race of "precursors", who may have been the first widespread space-faring civilization.  It is theorized that they have built many of the ruins located on some of the outlying worlds. 

The GMA was conceived only a few thousand years ago by a motley group of space merchants.  In direct response to the GRB's ever expanding technology warehouse, the GMA, along with a resistance group, fought the GRB in a cold war that lasted centuries.  The resulting upheavals in various GRB member governments sparked a tide of support for the GMA which legitimized the entity beyond being just an oligarchic consortium of interstellar traders.  Since its inception, both the GRB and the GMA have worked together to instantiate policies that protect citizen privacy and maintain important GRB standards.

The GRB's actual membership is unknown.  A private group of scientists, policemakers and patent reviewers keep steady watch over all technology that flows throughout the galaxy.


Important GRB Policies

The GRB has published literally millions of codes and standards, however ones that are relevant to the Captaincy are listed here.

GRB Code 102-A: No Star-Ship can leave port without a Hyperdrive or equivalent device.   Otherwise, a ship is designated as a Short Range Fighter, Exosuit for Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) or Starbase Component.

  • Commentary: All starships must be capable of hyperspace travel to be considered a starship.

GRB Code 742: Only 9 starbases can be built in each system, or on each planetoid, non-exclusively.  To prevent unintentional breakage of this policy, GRB limited chips are required during installation of construction apparatus on starships or exosuits.

  • Commentary: Up to 9 bases can be built in a single system, or on a single planet or planetoid.

GRB Code 97-B: All away teams on EVA or planetary excursions must be equipped with a green transport bag matching specifications in GRB  Schematic 97-B.

  • Commentary: Cargo too heavy to be carried by an exosuit wearer is automatically transported back to your ship using the GRB Green Transport Bag. A standard GRB schematic is available for manufactures to use as a template for creating such bags.  The ramification of this policy is that all starships must be capable of receiving "green transported" material from such bags, and at least one member of the away team must be equipped with this bag (usually the team leader).  Green transport was invented 8000 or more years ago by GRB personnel who found it annoying to drag the bodies of stunned aliens back to their ships for study.  About 7500 years ago, miners from Sector III petitioned for ore and other products to also be transported, saving miners valuable time when mining.  Since then, the GRB has expanded their green transport technology to include any item too heavy for the intended bearer to carry.

GRB Code 1-A: The GRB will not interfere in politics, the natural development of non-spacefaring species, hold a standing army, or conduct the business of policing the cosmos.

  • Commentary:  The Galactic Review Board is not a Government or Dictatorship, it is merely a fascist organization that refuses to use its superior technical sophistication to "play God" known species, and relies on its members -- that is, any spacefaring race -- to make their own political systems.  Since the GRB's technical storehouse is in another dimension, it is impossible to wage war with it, destroy it, or in any other way harm its vast archive of species and technology.  Likewise, the GRB will not interfere, amend, modify or influence poltiics of its members or even species it knows about, as per Code 1-A, except when in violation of another code.