Foreward from Admiral Blipgorp



Hello Captain:

Accept this humble letter as a welcome to the exciting career of Starship Captain.  As per GRB Code 86912A, I am required to inform you that life in deep space is not always pleasant or kind, but can lead to rewards beyond your wildest dreams.  

As you set forth on your first journeys, keep your wits about you.  Above all, keep an eye on your hyperfuel levels, as you never know when the need make strike you to leave a dangerous situation.

As you explore more of the cosmos, gain wealth and reputation, your skills and experience will be useful in overcoming a wide range of situations that will present themselves.  I remember from my days of being a starship captain that keeping one hand on the target button always helped me through the roughest of times.

The Board and I encourage you to find a suitable place to start your first colony.  Such a place would be in an uninhabited system, or on a planet with rich resources that are not already controlled by a technologically sophisticated species.

Excavation of artifacts is always a rewarding part of your business as captain.  Not only do they fetch a tidy price in the trader's circuit, but their intrinsic properties are also a way to gain an edge over your enemies. Certain ones are often sought after by various civilizations for religious, political or cultural reasons.

Keep your crew happy, and they will aid you in your travels.  Train them, and keep them fed.  For the rougher of the lot, make sure to keep up exploration as they benefit from your discoveries almost as much as you do.

Good luck, and keep the solar wind backside.


Admiral Blipgorp



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